Advertising Enquiries

Football Fans Downunder is the perfect website for brands looking to engage with one of the most passionate groups of people in the world – football fans.

We offer a range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. From banner ads on our website, to major sponsorship of our events, we can play a role in exposing your brand or product to football fans across Australia.


Our audience consists of fans interested in football and naturally sport in general. These fans are well connected to each other and the passion which football evokes creates lasting relationships between fans and brands.

Through the FFDU Network, we are able to offer direct access to users and members of Supporters Clubs across Australia. We can work with you to execute campaigns aimed at all Football Fans, or even just those of a particular league or clube.

Advertising Opportunities

We are able to offer banner ads and inline ads in articles across the Football Fans Downunder website and newsletter. We are able to provide a quote based on impressions or for a specific period of time. We can also offer sponsorship of articles on our website. Through advertising on FFDU, you have access to upwards of 20,000 fans engaged through our website, newsletter Facebook and Twitter.

Sponsorship Opportunities

FFDU runs a variety of events throughout the football year all around Australia, including 5-a-side days, trivia nights and, of course, our flagship event, the FFDU Awards. We can provide a range of sponsorship opportunities, from a partnership to ads in print material distributed at events.

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